Gosiger helps teams go fast and win!

At Gosiger we understand that serious horsepower requires serious solutions and serious equipment. Precision and reliability are always at the heart of our solutions that so many competitive teams need to gain that advantage over their competition. See the machines behind the machines!


Gosigerfest Top Fuel Dragster

Don Schumacher Racing and their team is currently on top of the NHRA. They understand that in order to build a championship dragster that can handle 10,000 horsepower it requires quality equipment and precision engineering. That’s why they choose Gosiger. See the car and the machines that make it fast!


Okuma Nascar

As one of the premier NASCAR racing teams, Richard Childress Racing knows the importance of precision in the production of competition chassis and engine components. See the car and the machines that help build it!


Meet Jessica Dana

Meet Jessica Dana, the driver of the #1 Legend Car (Semi-pro Division) at Gosigerfest. Jessica will be signing autographs! Meet the driver and see the machines that help make her ride!